Visit Golden


Off Season Campaign

Most people know Golden, Colorado as the home of Coors Brewery, but once they actually visit the town, it's hard not to fall in love with the place for so many other reasons. That's the challenge for Golden: staying top-of-mind as a place to visit for a day destination and attracting repeat visitation from Denver and other nearby cities. Although visitors may come to Golden to play on the trails and in the hills, our research told us they were not necessarily coming back into town to round out their day with a coffee, lunch, dinner, or beer. Golden wasn't getting enough visitor spending in the town.

Our campaign for Visit Golden aims to share insider information with our target to encourage them to expand their 2-hour visit to an entire day. We learned where the locals go after their outdoor fun and created a campaign highlighting activities in town that round out a great day. We call these the "Golden Rules." It's energetic, it's engaging, and it's so Golden. Not only are we highlighting a wide range of “rules” to help visitors make the most of their day in Golden, but also, well, Golden Rules!

Campaign Identity

Campaign Identity




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