Colorado Department of Transportation


Drugged Driving Campaign

After many focus groups, it was determined that the passing of this new Amendment was a day of celebration to our target and any warnings or finger pointing would be a clear turn off. This was a key insight our research delivered to us for the start of our Drugged Driving campaign for CDOT. Drugged Driving meaning if you're driving high, you can get a DUI same as for alcohol. Our ideas needed to be informative and not cast black cloud over a positive situation for a our state. They also had to resonate with a unique bunch of "new age stoners" so we felt subtle humor with an element of surprise was the right formula.

In the end these spots deliver a look into the normalcy of being high and functioning without poking fun and have slight hints at things that might be off but aren't obvious which describes the threat of driving high. You think you may be just fine, but it's the little things you may not notice that could be lethal.

Agency: Amélie Company
Creative Director: Gordy Hirsch
Art Director: Gordy Hirsch/Amanda Ringle
Copywriter: Gordy Hirsch/Will Patterson
Production: HSI Productions/Simon Cole
Post: Cosmo Street/Jeff Grippe


Bustang Launch

CDOT created a new bus program to give passengers an alternative to diving on i70 and i25 during peak hours. They came to us to name and brand it.


Motorcycle Campaign: Safety Gear

This is a tough crowd to address. So we wanted to find an angle that would get them on board with the safety message, rather than butting heads with them. And the typical images of cracked helmets and blood on the pavement just wasn't going to work. They're immune to it, and they ignore it. Using photos of real bikers from Colorado, we produced a campaign that brings to light the kind of drivers that bikers actually share the road with. It makes the bikers the hero of the campaign, empowering them rather than wagging the finger and saying 'do what we say, or else.'

Bus Tails

Bus Tails

Click It or Ticket Campaign

Aimed at getting males, ages 18-34, to buckle up.




Teen Driving DMV Posters

These were placed in DMVs around the state to better educate teens on some particular facts for when they turn 16.