Various Projects


The Wildlife Council Awareness Campaign

The Wildlife Council came to Pilgrim with a need to educate the public on how exactly hunters and anglers can be considered conservationists. Since fees from hunting and angling licenses pays to help protect, conserve and study wildlife and their environments, they actually do a lot more than you might think.

Agency: Pilgrim
Creative Director: Holly Menges
Associate Creative Director: Gordy Hirsch
Post Production: Idolum
Director: Ben Tedesco (Fueld Films)
Post Production: Idolum



Pilgrim Thanksgiving Gifts

It's only fitting that Pilgrim use Thanksgiving as their holiday of choice to say thanks to our clients, vendors and friends that we are thankful for. For 2015 we chose to a unique gift of a pair of pumpkin pies. One for the client to enjoy and one to share with someone of their choosing. The laser-etched pie boxes delivered a message on their own and a longer message when placed next to each other.



Rocky Mountain Health Plans

For ten years Rocky Mountain Health Plans was known for their tagline: "We understand Colorado. We understand you." They didn't want a full pivot, but wanted us to give them a refresh. 

Agency: Pilgrim
Creative Director: Holly Menges
Associate Creative Director: Gordy Hirsch
Post Production: Futuristic Films
Director: Alex Grossman (Futuristic Films)
Sound: Dynamite Laser Beam



Coloradans Against Auto Theft

This holiday campaign was targeted at making people aware of dangers of "puffing." Puffing is when a driver leaves their car running while unattended. 39% of Coloradans don’t know leaving a car running unattended is illegal (2016 Talmey-Drake Poll). There were 199 “puffer” car thefts in 2016, with an average of 17 stolen per month (ATICC).

Creative Director: Gordy Hirsch
Art Director: Gordy Hirsch
Copywriter: Greg Cotten
Director: Jim Elkin (Roshambo Films)
Post: William Bullen (idolum)
Sound: Paul Vastola (Rocky Mountain Recorders)



Delta Dental Foundation of Colorado

The Delta Dental Foundation of Colorado came to us to create a campaign aimed at the Latino family to start brushing their toddlers teeth from day 1. Along with a TV spot and website we created an ambient giant tooth coated in dry erase paint - kids can mark it up, then 'brush' off the mess with giant toothbrushes. And a mirror cling to inspire better brushing habits.





Creative Director: Mike Weed
Art Director: Gordy Hirsch
Copywriter: Steve Dolbinski
Director: Sam Jones (Tool)
Post: Chrome
Sound: Rocky Mountain Recorders